Lockdown Tips and Activities!

Fitmindz 4 Kids Resilience
1. Make sure you are nourishing your body and drinking enough water so that it works at its best.
2. Exercise daily (even if it is just a walk around the block) and priortise sleep and rest.
3. Be self-compassionate. Be kind to yourself. Take time out for you and watch your negative self-talk.
4. Practise gratitude because this can change your perspective on your circumstances.
5. Have courage daily. Do the things even though you don't feel great. Even if this means just getting out of bed.
6. Feel and deal with emotions. Emotions are there for a reason. Sit with them, process and then move on.
7. Create positive meaning. Two people can have the same thing happen to them but creating a positive meaning changes your outcomes.
8. Practise your strengths. Did you know if you practise what you are good at it increases your productivity and wellbeing?
9. Limit social media and news. Too many negative social media posts and exaggerated media can weigh you down. Stick to the facts of what you need to know such as restrictions and disregard the rest.
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