Can we teach the videos to different groups of students?
The whole course needs to be done by the same students. This is not to be sold as separate workshops to different people. Each video builds on the last and the Workbook prints out as one file.

Can we just use the one login and print out workbooks for everyone?
No, each student requires a certificate at the end of the level to progress to Level 2. This is only available to those who have bought the course and have separate logins.

Do we use student or parent email addresses to sign them up?
You can use either. It just means if you use the parent email, the students need to sign in with that and resetting the password means that it will go to the parent email.

Can we promote these workshops to the public?
No, all students completing the course must be current students participating in your activity. This course is designed as an “add-on” and enhancement for your current customers rather than teaching this as separate workshops to the public.

Can anyone teach the course?
The person running the workshop must have watched the Coordinator's video before they are able to teach it and must be current staff of your organisation.

Do the students have a test to pass at the end?
There is no test at the end. All work must be sighted by the Fitmindz coordinator to grant access to complete the course and download their certificate at the conclusion of the course.

How do we give the workshop?
As a teacher, it is recommended that you work through the questions and answers together. Listen to the slide and then answer the questions in the booklet. Discuss first and then have everyone write down their answers at the same time. Ask students to volunteer their answers after every question. There are questions that are private however, so be mindful of these questions and feel free to share your own answers for

What do I do when my students have completed their Level 1 Booklet?
Contact info@fitmindz4kids.com for more details!

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