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Inspiring the minds of our
future generation

We create successful, resilient, positive and
happy human beings through positive
psychology and wellbeing programs for
children's activity businesses.

Now taking Level 1 Fitmindz 4 Kids Providers!


Bethany K "Fitmindz is awesome. It
really helped me sort out my problems
in life."


Ella C "Fitmindz is amazing! It has helped me
learn to be my best self and how important it
is to take care of my wellbeing."


Fitmindz 4 Kids is designed to educate all customers in your business

All Students ages 3-18 Years: Class activities you can embed into your activity to improve your culture and atmosphere

Courses for ages 10+: Levelled online courses for students ages 10 and above to experience Fitmindz 4 Kids in further detail for extension and retention.

Parents, Staff and Students: Done-for-you social media posts that educate your customers about positive psychology and wellbeing.

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Fitmindz 4 Kids is designed to educate all customers in your business

Improve student
wellbeing and resilience

Improve your business culture by using positive psychology

Promote to your customers that child wellbeing is your priority

Use Level 1 alongside your Student Teacher or Performance Team classes!

Use our Level 1 course to train your staff on Positive Psychology and Wellbeing!

Appoint a Fitmindz coordinator to set and the year in advance!

What do you get as a Level 1 Fitmindz 4 Kids Provider?

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Up to a year's worth of "done for you" social media posts in CANVA for you to add your logo to and schedule! They even have the copy in the notes with appropriate hashtags!

20 Team-building positive psychology and wellbeing activities for kids ages 3-18 years you can embed into your activity and be used indefinitely!

10 x Level 1 Fitmindz4 Kids online courses for your students or staff to either do independently online OR to enhance existing classes/programs!

FREE Access to our Fitmindz 4 Kids Level 1 Providers Group on Facebook for ongoing support


Is there a monthly fee to become a Level 1 provider?

A. No there is no monthly fee. It is a one-time payment to become a Fitmindz 4 Kids Provider. 10 courses per year need to be completed to remain a Fitmindz Provider which can be completed by staff or students.

Is there a Level 2?

A. Yes! Level 2 will be launched in January 2022.

Can my staff do the course as well?

A. Yes! Just make sure the course is purchased for them individually so they receive their individual certificates for you to promote their certification!

How long does the level 1 course take?

A. If delivered in a group setting, 2 x 2 hour sessions would be best with discussion and question time. The course can also be done independently online in under 2 hours.

How many levels are there?

A. There are at least 4. All About You, All About Your Mind, All About Your Life and All About Your Purpose.

How do we sell the Level 1 course to our students?

A. You purchase the amount of courses you want through our website to give them access to the videos and Workbook.

How much is a Level 1 course to purchase?

A. Level 1 is $35 AUD per student/staff member to buy and a RRP to sell at $99 but what you charge is entirely up to you.

What age is the Level 1 course suitable for?

A. Ages 10 and above. This would be perfect for Student Teacher or Performance Team training. This course is designed for students to extend themselves and is excellent for retention.

Can students buy the course themselves through the website?

A. No as a Level 1 provider you have control of who you sell to as the retailer. All students/staff completing the course need a separate login to ensure they all get their certificate of completion.

Enhance your business and stand out from the crowd with positive psychology and wellbeing education today for only $998 (was $1297)

Program Benefits for Children

Increases resilience

Improves motivation

Increases cognitive skills

Increases self-agency

Better social awareness

Improves consciousness

Heightens respect for self and others

Improves relationships

Creates more positive children who have more positive experiences

Creates healthy habits to become healthy adults

Reduces stress and anxiety

Fitmindz 4 Kids is designed to educate all customers in your business

Formalised and structured and “done for you” program. No research required!

Increase the value of

Improve your staff and
student culture

Train staff and onsell to students to improve their wellbeing

Provides additional services that 'Wows' customers and makes a difference in children's lives

Educate students, parents
and instructors about

Program Benefits for Educators Teaching the Class Activities

Decreased behaviour issues and bullying between students

Instructors are more fulfilled as educators knowing that what they are teaching makes a difference in a child’s life

Forms strong bonds between instructors and children

Builds children to challenge themselves in all aspects of their life

Happier kids means you get more done!

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What you get as a Level 1 Fitmindz Provider

"Done-for-you" social media posts

Team building activities for class

10 Level 1 Fitmindz 4 Kids online courses you can onsell

Whole studio activities

FREE access to our Facebook Provider Group

ON SPECIAL! 1 payment of $998 inc GST (save $299)

Become a Provider today!


About the Founder of Fitmindz 4 Kids

Kelly Adams

Bachelor of Teaching (Primary Education), Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management. Currently completing Diploma Positive Psychology and Wellbeing.

Kelly Adams has been a school teacher for 13 years, a dance teacher for 18, a dance studio owner for 12 and is a mother of 3.

Kelly’s passion for self-improvement led her study Positive Psychology and Wellbeing where she discovered a myriad of techniques she believes would have been extremely beneficial to cope with her stress, anxiety, and depression in her younger years.

With her extensive experience in school, dance studios and having children of her own and her studies, she has created a unique program that can be taught by children's activity providers to inspire, educate and motivate children to be better people and to keep their minds fit and healthy.